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Celebrating eight years of simming!

If you are a person who loves to write, create characters, and have them interact with hundreds of other players, then you have come to the right place! AJJE Games is a network of free text-based role-playing games, using a unique play-by-post system that provides a much richer and more fluid storytelling experience than you'll find on forum-based RPGs.

Each AJJE Game Zone is run by people who have a deep passion for their specific genre. Opened in 2005 as a Star Trek club, AJJE Games now boasts a wide variety role-playing games, featuring original characters and original storylines in environments inspired by genres ranging from Star Trek, Star Wars and Stargate to Dungeons & Dragons, Doctor Who, Babylon 5 and Starship Troopers.

Please note this site is rated PG-13.

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Star Trek

From the Atlantis NX-05, set in the 22nd century of Enterprise or the USS Independence exploring space in the 23rd century of the original series, to the USS Resolution set in the 24th century of Voyager and Star Trek: The Next Generation, this zone lets you play anywhere within the vast mythos of Star Trek.

Perhaps you're a bit of a rebel and would prefer to serve on the Majestic, a joint pilot project between the Federation and the Lyran Empire; or maybe you're a unique individual whose special skills are better put to use protecting the Federation by whatever means necessary in Section 31.

If you're a real Star Trek fan, you can play in all three centuries. There's no limit.

Stargate Section

Within the Milky Way Galaxy is SGU-1, the Stargate program's elite team, initiating first contact and exploring where the Stargate takes them.

Within the Pegasus Galaxy is the Atlantis Base Headquarters, safety for those living on the city Ancients while serving as platform of support against the Wraith, exploring the wonders of this galaxy, or gaining allies with SGA-1 being their vanguard. Perhaps you'd rather just stay on the move in the Daedalus-class starship Argos, not experiencing the gravity of a planet except when making a pit stop, and waiting to see where you end up next.

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Aker's Bluff

This is our own homage to the Jossverse. Akers Bluff takes place in the early days of humanity's settlement outside of Earth, where most folk just spend their days trying to get by. Some are lucky enough to be able to live off the land while others have to rely on the Shipper's Union to provide them "official" goods at exorbitant prices.

At the other end of the scale is The Syndicate, the criminal organization led by the elusive Hashim Morgan. In between are the smugglers and pirates, trying to get folks what they need to survive at prices they can actually afford and trying to live their lives out from under the oppressive thumb of the Earth Alliance.

Try to avoid the troubles on the freedom-loving planet of Akers Bluff. From there, ff you're tough enough, or lucky enough, you can get hired on with one of the pirate ships: the Claudia, the Shadow or the Prinz Eugen.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Is another type of science fiction or fantasy quest more your style? Have a love for Doctor Who? Maybe you'd rather fight alien space bugs in a Starship Trooper sim, or curse Emperor Palpatine while fighting to free all the planets in the known galaxy far, far away in a Star Wars sim. Like your science fiction a little darker? Humanity - After the End is our zombie sim; how long can you survive? If you enjoy a dose of political intrigue, our sim inspired by Babylon 5 might be more to your liking.

Want a more Sword and Sorcery feel to your Role-Playing experience? Stop by in the Inn of the Wayward Traveller where elves and trolls are sent on quests by the mysterious Innkeeper.